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December 4, 2012

In this segment I will resume tips on how to find a healthy lifestyle.
Do you shower every day early in the morning? Do you take a shower at least 2 hours before sunrise. What is the rationale? Early morning bath or shower dawn is very good for the health of your body. This is evident when we bathe our bodies dawn will become more fresh and healthy. This includes the mind, the brain, the physical body and one of the ways to prevent infectious diseases develop into our bodies. These morning bath can improve your mind and your brain to not confounded in the early morning. Use the recommended way in the previous segment.

subuh mandi pagi mandi-pagi

In another article, there are 7 advantages dawn bath.

1. Skin soft and smooth
2. Improves blood circulation
3. improve fertility
4. Reduce the risk of hypertension
5. Reduce stress and calm
6. Increase of white blood cells
7. Make more fresh and wavy hair.

After a shower and put on clothes, make sure you eat breakfast every morning. Tip is set to enhance the sharpness of mind and brain, thought not easily forget, the body becomes more and more active and strengthen the spirit of the early morning when you want to start work or daily activities.

Next tips, start your meals with foods that are not touched by the fire, such as fruits (dates, apples, oranges, bananas, papayas, strawberries, etc.) for easy digestion in the body indirectly remove all the air and toxic in the gut of the body. Fruit chew until scrambled to reduce empty spaces inside the body. This is because in the intestines and stomach we have no tools to be chewed like teeth that can cause abdominal pain. After eating the fruit, then eat your favourite meals. Tip aims stomach does not feel surprised when receiving food. Drink plenty of warm water to flow properly. Afterwards, you consistently can start work as usual. You will feel the difference without breakfast and breakfast.


On holidays or weekends, do not sleep after waking up because it can make you sluggish thinking. What you can do is to start exercising in the morning at least walked home surrounded you sweat out so easily.

Many breathe fresh air outside the house during exercise or any activity through the nose and out through your mouth. Tip is intended to prevent and treat wheezing and breathlessness disease. It also helps the blood flow.

bernafas hembus

For people who are always breath, wheezing and shortness of breath, you inhale air through your nose, hold your breath, walking from one location to another and you stop when you are not able to withstand the air in your nose out through the mouth next. Try measuring your mileage at the time. Repeat this rule and measure your distance again. Make sure you repeat 10 times a day and you will see the difference from shortness of breath to breath and no longer gasping again. These tips can also be suitable in practice for people who have asthma.


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