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December 3, 2012

Health is one of the factors that should be observed by every person in this world. It’s all men to be healthy and energetic throughout the day. In this article, I will donate a few tips that can make us healthy always.

Some of these tips can be put into practice is when wake up. What should we do?

DeleteRedWhen wake up, do not wake resilient because it can cause back pain. We need to wake up and sat for a moment and thank God for giving us life again. At that time, the blood will start to flow throughout the body starting from the feet up to the brain.

DeleteRedNext, before going bathing, drinking plain boiled water or boiled water mixed with honey and vinegar, rinsing with water and swallow it. This is because, stale saliva in our mouths has a mucus that can cure diseases especially toxic in the body.

DeleteRedAfter that, when trying to enter the bathroom, step with your left foot because it is the place where Satan and Jinn live, seeking refuge from God preserved from misfortune and mishaps such as falling, slipping on the floor and so on.

DeleteRedKeep your gloves or your head with a cloth and plastic heads of Satan and Jinn may not pee on our heads during large and small bowel. This is because if it is not protected, you may feel dizzy or migraine.

DeleteRedWhile small and large bowel, throat clearing may become familiar with all the filth out completely. This rule is intended to prevent yourself from disease constipation and hemorrhoids. Make sure you are damning to the left so simple stool out.

DeleteRedBefore bathing, brush your teeth as usual.

DeleteRedWhen we want to shower, make sure you start washing the feet and gently rinsing the body from the bottom to the top and finally the head. Tip is intended to remove all the heat so that the body becomes fresh and healthy.

DeleteRedWhen bathing, be sure to convey the water in the nose if possible until painful. The aim is to prevent and cure diseases as sinusitis and remove all the dirt in it.

DeleteRedWhen finished bathing, we went out to the bathroom with right foot.

Hopefully these tips can benefit all of us. See you on the other hints at the next solution. Best of luck.


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