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December 2, 2012

In medicine, a lot of methods that can be used to treat disease. Various drugs are used to cure illnesses. Did you hear our daily food can be a medicine and at the same time be a cure to us.

Among them is a waste of toxic in the body. In practice, many methods we can do to remove the toxins in the body. Among them are: –

1) In the morning, before going to shower and brush your teeth, you can drink plain boiled water, gargle and swallow the water so that the stomach can empty the elimination of wind and fill empty spaces inside the body.


2) In the morning also besides plain boiled water, you can try by mixing with honey (2 tablespoons) and fruit vinegar (1 tablespoon) with warm water and use the same way.

honey  plus2apple-cider-vinegar-health-benefits3 plus2 warm water

Make sure you use a plastic spoon to take honey because honey will lose its essence if taken with a metal spoon.


The reason why I suggest this tips because in our stale saliva have a cure that can prevent the disease. I hope you can try these two tips. See you in another session.


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