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December 1, 2012

Are you always dizzy or headaches. More readily called migraine. Some of us face this disease, but so what a way to cure and prevent it.

By hints that I can and apply, I take coarse salt (1 kg) , green beans (500 g)  and black pepper (200 g).

bowl-of-coarse-salt plus2 Ingredient-621-Mung-Beans--Mature-Seeds--Raw-32572 plus2  4911663-whole-black-pepper-in-white-porcelane-bowl

What can be done with this material. Have eaten or made ​​drinks. Absolutely not at all. All you have to do is take the coarse salt, green beans and black pepper all mixed earlier. After that, find a place to post the material and we step on it. It’s good to do every once in the morning and evening for 15 to 20 minutes a day. It is best done before going to work and after work back if got opportunity. Or do not have time, we can do in the week or time. After stepping on the materials, but do not throw the store and over again until you find the old.

If there is free time during the weekend, back to the village and so on, try to go to the beach or a picnic, walk without slippers / shoes with other meaning barefoot.This is because the land, we step on the sand which can give positive charges on our bodies that can refresh our body. Besides, it gets rid of any stress or pressure when we are tired of working. It would be better if there are fields, trying street barefoot but make sure it is safe to stomp.

I hope these tips are useful for our day-to-day practice. Intentions of God to heal diseases. Just got here, see you in another description.


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